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Arjun Mahajan

Fundraising Manager

With over six years of passion for robotics and STEM, it’s an absolute pleasure to be part of TEAM X and serve the community! My commitment to STEM continues to grow. Starting as a young, vibrant coder, I mastered the fundamentals of JavaScript and Python while learning to program robots and microcontrollers. I also completed a one-year coding project to build an app that helps the local community save water, which I recently published on the Google Play Store.

Aspiring to be a lifelong leader and learner, I founded a STEM Club at my school, aiming to cultivate future innovators through hands-on robotics, software, CAD, and 3D printing. Additionally, I have over a year of experience tutoring and mentoring in STEM, which has instilled in me the drive to focus on completing important tasks through organization and time management.

Bringing my knowledge and skills to the table, I enjoy hosting memorable outreach events for the team and contributing to our success!

Arjun Mahajan
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