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We are incredibly grateful for your consideration in supporting our team. Your sponsorship means the world to us and would greatly impact our ability to participate and excel in competitions.

We understand the value of your contribution and assure you that it will be used wisely. Your support not only helps us with resources and equipment but also provides us with the motivation and confidence to push our boundaries and strive for excellence!

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

FIRST Inspires

There are 4 levels of robotics under FIRST:

  • FLL Jr. (FIRST Lego League Jr.) grades K-4th

  • FLL (FIRST Lego League) grades 4th – 8th

  • FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) grades 7th-12th

  • FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) grades 9th -12th


Our team is under the FTC program!

Your generous contribution will help us:

  • Buy new parts, tools, and kits for our robots

  • Pay for the registration fees and travel expenses for the competitions

  • Attend workshops, camps, and mentorship programs to improve our skills

  • Inspire more kids to join and enjoy robotics and STEM​

Here is the complete breakdown of our budget and various cost categories

Budget and various cost categories

Item / Category
Unit Cost
FIRST Season
Registration cost to multiple events
$2,500 - $3,500
Robot Parts and Materials
Motors, servos, controllers, sensors, etc
$6,000 - $9,000
3D Printing & CNC
Sheet metal, iterations
$1,000 - $3,000
Tools and Equipment
Tools for building & maintaining the robot, inc. software
$1,500 - $3,000
Team Swag and Merchandise
T-shirts, stickers, banners, etc.
$1,500 - $2,500
Travel Expenses
Out of state travel
Not Budgeted
Outreach (and misc)
Outreach, food, refreshments, shipping
$2,500 - $5,000
$15,000 - $26,000

Sponsorship Levels

Your contribution will not only help us, but also benefit you in many ways. By sponsoring our team, you will

  • Receive a tax receipt for your contribution (IGNITE Pathways is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit)

  • Be featured on our website and social media as a sponsor

  • Get your brand in front of hundreds of like-minded students, parents, and professionals

  • Have the opportunity to visit our team and see our robots in action

  • Make a positive impact on the future of robotics and STEM education


We offer a range of benefits for corporate sponsors at each sponsorship level.

Google Quals,
Innovate Award

“Really Cool Design.”

Santa Clara Quals, Finalist Alliance & Innovate Award

Very impressive design from such a young team.”

Maker Faire,
Bay Area

“I've never seen a robot move like that before. Your robot's ability to move sideways is incredible!”
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