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FTC Robotics Team
TEAM X (#23512)

We are based out of East Bay, Silicon Valley, California and our mission is to solve real-world  problems using Robotics, Electronics and AI, while having fun!

As a community team within the FTC program, we offer a hands-on learning experience led by dedicated mentors and volunteers for students interested in STEM and robotics. Our team goes beyond building robots; it immerses students in STEM concepts through planning, designing, building, programming, and operating robots for tournaments. We emphasize collaboration, competing in alliances to earn ranking points. However, our focus is not just on winning; it's on skill development and fostering a passion for STEM education.


We believe that by viewing the robot as a means to an end, students grow in skills and enthusiasm, setting them on a path towards a future in STEM.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Endor Labs


Neuro Health Alliance

Neuro Health Alliance



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FIRST Inspires

Check out our detailed statistics for every season played at a First Tech Challenge (FTC) competitions, including match results, rankings, playoff performances, and awards received.

Our Robots

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