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Samar Bhowmick

Outreach Manager

Samar is a dedicated coder with a passion for Python, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. He enjoys sharing his expertise through public speaking, inspiring others to explore the world of coding.

Actively involved in Outreach, Funding, and Community projects, Samar plays a key role in various initiatives. One of his most impactful contributions is organizing free Coding Camps for kids. These camps provide children with the opportunity to learn Python, HTML, and CSS in a supportive and engaging environment, aiming to inspire young minds and equip them with valuable coding skills.

Samar believes in the power of coding to transform lives and is committed to making coding education accessible to all. Through his work, he hopes to spark curiosity and creativity in the next generation of coders, paving the way for a more innovative future.

Samar Bhowmick
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