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Suhani Gupta

Program Manager

Suhani is a natural leader driven by a strong desire to make a real impact. She believes in creating an enriched environment that fosters togetherness and active involvement.

As the Vice President of the class of 2026 at Dublin High School, Suhani has spearheaded numerous educational initiatives. She has expanded Model UN to other high schools, advocated for grassroots advocacy, and fought for educational equity bills. Her dedication extends to breaking the stigma around neuro and mental health, working alongside Mayor Hernandez as a part of the Dublin Mayor's Council.

Outside of her school and council duties, Suhani volunteers hours each week for the National Marrow Donor Program, a nonprofit stem-cell registry that supports individuals with blood cancer. She also shares her passion for martial arts and life skills with the youth, teaching Kajukenbo at Dublin's Empower Dojo. Suhani is a sister to her students, engaging with their parents and keeping kids smiling while learning.

Suhani Gupta
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