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John Green Science Party

3300 Antone Way, Dublin, CA, USA

April 30, 2024




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STEM + great memories are never disappointing! An unforgettable and fun outreach event was hosted by Team X at John Green Elementary School located in Dublin, CA.

TEAM X recently had the pleasure of hosting a booth at John Green Elementary School's STEAM Night in Dublin, CA, on April 30th, 2024. This event was not only an opportunity to engage with the local community but also a chance to revisit our own elementary school days, creating a full-circle moment of sharing knowledge and excitement with the next generation.

The atmosphere was electric as TEAM X arrived at 4 PM, just after school ended, ready to introduce students to the captivating world of robotics. One of the highlights of the evening was our FTC (FIRST™ Tech Challenge) Robot - Batman, which immediately caught the attention of the students. They were thrilled to see Batman in action, maneuvering around and using its claw to collect pixels (hexagonal shapes), showcasing the possibilities within the field of robotics.

Parents were equally engaged, showing a keen interest in the FIRST program and the broader world of robotics. TEAM X took the time to explain the different levels of the FIRST program, particularly FLL (First™ Lego League), and how students could get involved. Many parents were excited to learn about the opportunities available and expressed interest in starting or joining a robotics team. Leveraging our experience, we offered mentorship and donated LEGO parts to help kickstart new FLL teams, ensuring that more students have access to the world of robotics.

At our booth, we displayed several LEGO robots that we had created during our time competing in FLL as elementary schoolers. These served as a tangible example of what students could achieve with dedication and passion for robotics. A 8ft x 8ft mat was also set up for Batman to showcase its capabilities, accompanied by trifold posters and banners detailing our journey and the values of FIRST.

Over the course of the event, we were able to talk to over 100 students, parents, and staff, spreading awareness and enthusiasm for robotics and STEM education. As the event concluded at 7 PM, we left with a sense of fulfillment, knowing that we had inspired and informed the next generation of innovators.

Events like John Green Elementary STEAM Night remind us of the importance of outreach and education in shaping the future. Through our efforts, we hope to continue inspiring young minds and fostering a love for robotics and STEM that will last a lifetime.

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