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Maker Faire Bay Area

Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA, USA

October 22, 2023




total volunteer

For the past four years, our involvement in outreach events as an FLL team has been substantial. However, our debut as an FTC team at the Maker Faire in Vallejo marked a significant milestone. We teamed up with Playing at Learning in educating thousands of kids and parents about the wonders of STEAM, FIRST and Robotics.


Our exhibit was a hub of creativity, with kids designing their own unique lapel pins. The atmosphere was vibrant and engaging, and the joy on the children's faces was truly priceless. We also distributed our team pins, fostering a sense of community among the attendees.


The star of our showcase was undeniably our Robot, stealing the spotlight with its impressive mecanum wheels that allowed it to effortlessly strafe sideways. Spectators were captivated by its cool maneuvers, and we seized the opportunity to showcase internal workings of its arm, wrist, and claw.


The sheer number of kids expressing interest in robotics was astonishing!


In retrospect, this outreach experience was nothing short of amazing. The dates, Sunday, October 22nd, is etched in our memories as a day filled with fun, learning, and the joy of sharing our passion for robotics with everyone at the Maker Faire.

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