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4450 Enterprise St #111, Fremont, CA, USA

April 27, 2024




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Makerspace was an electrifying event that brought together the brightest minds in innovation and technology. This year, we, TEAM X Robotics, partnered with the talented team from RoboForce to create a joint booth that showcased the best of our robotics prowess.

Together, we transformed our booth into a hub of excitement and inspiration. We engaged with attendees, sharing our passion for robotics and showcasing our impressive creations. Our collaboration with RoboForce allowed us to demonstrate the power of teamwork and collaboration, inspiring others to push the boundaries of what is possible in robotics.

Thanks to Playing at Learning, both our teams were able to be at the event, bringing our unique talents and innovations to the Makerspace community. Playing at Learning's support was instrumental in making our participation possible, and we are incredibly grateful for their assistance.

RoboForce brought 3D printing to our joint booth, allowing attendees to witness the cutting-edge technology in action. Meanwhile, we helped kids unleash their creativity by assisting them in making custom lapel pins. These hands-on activities were a hit with attendees of all ages, sparking their interest in robotics and technology.

One of the highlights of our joint booth was the demonstration of our FTC Robot Batman and LEGO Robot Robo Shooter. This innovative robot could move its arm, drive around, and blast mini-plastic balls into the sky, leaving spectators in awe. RoboForce, with their expertise in robot design and programming, complemented our demonstration perfectly, showcasing their own impressive robot.

But beyond the impressive displays, our joint booth was a symbol of friendship and shared passion. It was a place where ideas flowed freely, and dreams took flight. Our collaboration with RoboForce exemplified the true spirit of Makerspace – a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

As Makerspace came to a close, we were filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Our joint booth had left a lasting impression, inspiring kids to explore the endless possibilities of robotics. Together with RoboForce, we had ignited a spark in the hearts of all who visited our booth, showing them the power of teamwork and collaboration in achieving greatness in robotics.

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