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Tri-Valley Innovation Fair

2005 Valley Ave, Pleasanton, CA, USA

April 13, 2024




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An Unforgettable Day

The Tri-Valley Innovation Fair was one of our favorite events we have participated in! It was a blast! It was like walking into a geeky wonderland where robots did pull-ups better than we could. As we strolled in at 8:45 a.m., ready to conquer the day, we saw booths being set up, and let me tell you, they were setting the bar high! We stumbled upon a LEGO programming station for kids, and it took me back to the days when we were learning the ropes from our TEAM X coach. Ah, the memories! But the real treat was seeing our FTC field all set up, ready for action.

We were eager to take our robot for a spin and engage in some pixel-dropping action. Voyager 6+ at the neighboring table seemed just as excited. It felt like a robotic dance-off, albeit with more engineering prowess than rhythm!

Talking about robotic dance-offs, we were thrilled to participate in a scrimmage with Turbo V8 as our ally, facing off against Patriot Pack and Voyager 6+! The match was a rollercoaster of excitement, strategies, and some unexpected twists. Despite the intense competition, we emerged victorious, adding a sweet taste to our memories. It was a match that showcased the true spirit of robotics and gracious professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on all of us.

It was incredibly exciting to witness the enthusiasm of young kids as we demonstrated how our robot worked. Their eyes sparkled with curiosity and inquisitiveness, making the day even more memorable. We were delighted to share our passion for robotics with them, igniting a spark of interest that could potentially lead to their own robotic adventures in the future. Seeing their faces light up with wonder was truly priceless and reminded us of the importance of inspiring the next generation of innovators.

We had a blast chatting with parents and kids, showcasing our website as their gateway to the wild world of FIRST. We even took some eager kids to the back to check out our ancient FLL relics! One of our favorites is the ball shooter robot - we call it Robo Shooter. This EV3 wonder could wiggle its arm, roll around, and blast mini plastic balls into the stratosphere!

By the time we were done, we felt like we had unleashed a wave of budding robot makers ready to conquer the world with their own wacky creations!

Overall, this fair was an exhilarating experience that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. The opportunity to inspire and connect with hundreds of people was truly rewarding. We are grateful for the chance to share our passion for robotics and FIRST, and we can't wait for the next adventure!

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