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Announcing Free Courses: Electronics 4 Kids!

Updated: May 4

Hey there, future tech wizards and innovators! Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of electronics and programming? We're thrilled to announce Electronics 4 Kids: four new, free courses designed just for you! With a total of 44 hands-on projects spread across these courses, get ready to learn, create, and innovate like never before! These courses give you the essential, hard skills you need to become proficient in the world of electronics: Arduino, C++, and all sorts of electrical components. It also empowers you to earn all sorts of soft skills that are required in life. Below, we will explain each course, eventually reaching IoT (Internet of Things), which gives you a great foundation to pursue in electronics.

Arduino Uno R3

1. I2E101: Introduction to Electronics & Programming

  • Perfect for beginners with no prior knowledge

  • Learn about circuits, components, and Arduino programming

  • Build cool projects like a burglar alarm and LED display

2. I2E201: Advanced Electronics & Programming with Arduino

  • Take your skills to the next level

  • Explore advanced topics like PWM and signal generation

  • Create awesome projects like a SONAR and programming IR remote controls

3. I2E301: IoT Programming with Arduino and ESP

  • Dive into the world of IoT using ESP8266 NodeMCU

  • Requires some prior knowledge of electronics and programming

  • Build projects like weather forecasting and IoT device integration with IFTTT

4. I2E401: Create Your Own IoT Device using ESP32 and Integrate with AWS IoT

  • Designed for grades 7 to 12 with some experience

  • Explore AWS IoT and serverless architecture

  • Create cool projects like an AWS IoT button and working with a PIR motion sensor

These courses are completely free and open for enrollment. Each course offers a unique learning experience, with hands-on projects that will challenge and inspire you. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, these courses are a fantastic opportunity to learn, create, and innovate in the world of electronics and programming.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to explore the world of electronics and programming. Enroll in our free courses today and let's start creating the future together!

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