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Day 4 of Drone Coding Camp

Updated: Jul 4

Today was an incredibly eventful and productive day at the drone camp. Our day began with a comprehensive review of the competition rubric, where we gained a thorough understanding of the requirements of the coding challenges we were about to face. My partner and I delved into creating a detailed flowchart for the first challenge, which was known as the green challenge. We meticulously strategized and wrote the code to execute our plan effectively, ensuring that every detail was thoroughly considered.

Moving on to the red challenge, we dove into brainstorming and quickly devised the most efficient solution while standing at the challenge mat. Once back in the computer lab, we eagerly implemented the best possible code for the red challenge, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to put it to the test the following day.

The challenges intensified as we encountered what was supposedly the hardest challenge, denoted by the color red. Despite the time constraints, we swiftly decided that navigating through the lower tunnel would be a superior option compared to the higher tunnel. Our efficient decision-making allowed us to maximize our progress and learning during this intense phase of the camp.


Following our intense coding sessions, we took a well-deserved lunch break to rejuvenate and recharge for the afternoon activities. The post-lunch session took an interesting turn as we were introduced to a representative from PG&E, who shared insightful information about the integration of drones into their daily operations. It was fascinating to learn how they utilized drones for wiring telephone poles and the significant positive impact it had on their workflow, simplifying and accelerating the entire process.

Later in the day, we returned to the computer labs for an important announcement. The instructors informed us that we'd be tasked with developing a presentation highlighting our experiences at the drone camp. This presentation formed a crucial component of our overall camp grade, so we dedicated the next hour and a half to crafting a comprehensive and engaging slideshow that thoroughly captured our journey and learnings throughout the camp.

From selecting an appropriate template to detailing our individual introductions and elaborating on the lessons learned during the camp, as well as the exciting future applications of drones that we were exposed to during our field trips and presentations, the presentation became a substantial endeavor. We also highlighted the challenges we encountered throughout the week and elucidated on how we overcame them, emphasizing the essential skills we developed through this experience.

Communication skills emerged as a pivotal obstacle since my partner and I initially had minimal acquaintance with each other. This required us to effectively communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve, showcasing the camp's emphasis on fostering teamwork and critical thinking. The need for problem-solving and critical thinking also featured prominently, reflecting the camp's rigorous curriculum focused on tackling challenges, debugging, and sharpening our ability to resolve problems effectively.

Overall, it was a day filled with intense problem-solving, valuable insight into real-world applications of drone technology, and a collaborative effort to create a compelling presentation encapsulating our experiences at the camp. I'm looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that await us in the remaining days of the camp.

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