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Fallon Middle School Science Fair Outreach Event

Updated: May 3

Dynamic is the word to describe the electrifying, successful experience of Team X's wonderful commitment and energy at the Fallon Middle School Science Fair. On March 20, 2024, in Fallon Middle School located in Dublin, CA, Team X set up an eye-catching stall in the science fair that was able to spread awareness and promote FIRST™, and FIRST™ TECH CHALLENGE as well as promote robotics and creativity in STEM throughout the science fair making it appealing to all.


The preparation all started one and a half hours before the fair began. Team X came together and got organized all the materials for the event, which included, cables, monitors, documentation, trifold displays, a few FLL robots, and of course, the wonderful FTC robot. Half an hour flew by, and the team headed over the school to get things ready. With plenty of space to display everything that the team had, the set-up was already attracting surrounding people much before the fair was going to start at 7 PM and then go on until 8:30 PM.


Before we knew it, the event was in full swing. A few of the members were busy explaining to students and parents about our robot, while the rest of the team was operating our FTC robot that was picking up pixels and then dropping them into a box, entertaining crowds of people that came in. Alongside all the explanations and robots, Team X was able provide business cards to people to pass by, which had a QR code linked to a webpage able to provide more information about FIRST and Team X. There was an online presentation, jeopardy game, tri-fold displays, and FLL (First Lego League) robots built by Team X themselves. All of it was a great combination of team-work, explanations, and productivity that made this all happen.


Over 60 people visited our space in the science fair and aside from it being a wonderful outreach event, one thing can be sure of, it was an unforgettable and memorable day for Team X.

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