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FLL Deep Dive: Get a Jump on SUBMERGED Research and Innovation!

Updated: Jun 14

FIRST® LEGO® League 2024-2025 Season

FLL 2024-2025 Season

Launch date: August 6, 2024


In the SUBMERGED℠ challenge, launching August 6, 2024, FIRST LEGO League teams will use creative thinking and LEGO® technology to explore the layers of the ocean and bring their learnings and ideas to the surface as they “sea” into the future.

In the FLL competition, the Innovative Project is one of the core components alongside Robot Game and Core Values. The Innovative Project challenges teams to research a real-world problem related to the competition's theme, propose a solution, and share their findings and solution with others.

To see the missions of SUBMERGED℠, check out this video:

Identifying a Problem related to the theme: SUBMERGED

For the innovative project, teams start by identifying a problem related to the theme of the season. For the SUBMERGED challenge, FLL teams can start their research on various problems related to the theme.

Here are some research ideas to get started:

  • Marine Pollution: Research the sources and impacts of marine pollution, including plastic waste, oil spills, and chemical pollutants.

  • Ocean Acidification: Study the causes and effects of ocean acidification, particularly its impact on marine life and ecosystems.

  • Overfishing: Investigate the consequences of overfishing on marine biodiversity and sustainable fishing practices.

  • Deep-Sea Exploration: Explore the challenges of deep-sea exploration, including the high pressure, darkness, and extreme temperatures, and propose innovative solutions for safer and more efficient exploration.

  • Marine Species Conservation: Identify endangered marine species and propose conservation strategies to protect their habitats and populations.

  • Illegal Fishing: Research the issue of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing and its impact on marine conservation efforts.

  • Coral Reef Degradation: Examine the factors contributing to the decline of coral reefs worldwide and potential solutions to protect and restore them.

  • Climate Change: Explore how climate change is affecting the ocean, including rising sea levels, ocean temperatures, and extreme weather events. Propose strategies for coastal communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as sea level rise, ocean acidification, and changing weather patterns.

  • Plastic Pollution: Focus on the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean, including microplastics and their effects on marine life. Find innovative ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste entering the ocean and to clean up existing plastic pollution.

  • Ocean Health Monitoring: Create technologies or systems for monitoring the health of the ocean, including water quality, biodiversity, and ecosystem health indicators.

  • Sustainable Aquaculture: Develop sustainable aquaculture practices that minimize environmental impact while meeting the growing demand for seafood.

By researching these and other related issues, FLL teams can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing the ocean and get a head start in developing an innovative solution to address the identified issue.

Ultimately, between the robot game, innovative project, and your core values, teams can get a headstart today! If you are interested in working with IGNITE™,

check out our other blogs on getting started with FLL!

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May 08

Where did you get this info for submerged. This looks to me like leaking season information which is highly frowned upon by FIRST.

Ronav Gupta
Ronav Gupta
May 08
Replying to

Thank you for your comment. The information in our blog post is based on the general principles of how teams typically approach the innovative project in FIRST LEGO League (FLL), focusing on identifying problems related to the theme of the season. We haven't disclosed any specific details or leaks about the SUBMERGED challenge. We value integrity and fair play in all our discussions about FLL and its challenges.



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