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TEAM X Supporting New & Existing FLL Teams

Updated: Apr 28

As a former FIRST Lego League (FLL) team, we understand the challenges and rewards of participating in this program. With four years of experience in FLL before moving to FTC, we're eager to offer our support to both new and existing FLL teams in any way we can.

TEAM X at FLL Champs

Are you new to FLL or looking for a team?

Team X can assist in forming new FLL teams from scratch or even connect you with existing teams in your local communities.

Recruitment Assistance

We can assist in recruiting new team members by spreading awareness about FLL in schools, communities, and local organizations as part of our FTC and IGNITE Pathways outreach initiatives. We can also help organize informational sessions or workshops to attract interested students

Team Formation Workshops

We can conduct workshops to guide individuals interested in forming new teams. These workshops can cover topics such as team organization, adult roles and time commitment, budget, navigating FIRST, and more

Matching Individuals with Teams

We can help match individual students interested in joining a team with existing teams looking for members. We can facilitate introductions and provide support to ensure a smooth integration into the team. If you are looking for a team or if your team has a free spot, please contact us.

Mentorship and Guidance

Robot Design

We provide mentorship and guidance to FLL teams in terms of robot design. With our experience, we have a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to build a successful robot. We offer advice on building techniques, mechanisms, and strategies to help teams create robots that are efficient, reliable, and effective on the competition field. Our insights can help teams overcome common challenges and achieve their full potential in robot design.

Note: TEAM X won Robot Design award multiple years

Innovative Project

We also offer mentorship and guidance for the innovative project. Developing a compelling innovative project can be a daunting task, but with our experience, we can help teams navigate the process. We offer advice on identifying problems, brainstorming solutions, conducting research, and creating presentations. Our guidance can help teams develop innovative and impactful projects that address real-world issues and impress judges at competitions.

We can also provide access to our archive of past documentation (trifolds) and engineering portfolios, offering valuable examples and templates for teams to draw inspiration from.

Workshops and Training Sessions

We can organize workshops and training sessions for new FLL teams to help them improve their robot design and programming skills.

Robot Design Workshops

We cover a wide range of topics, including building techniques, sensors, and mechanical design. We provide hands-on experience and practical tips to help teams improve the performance and reliability of their robots. By sharing our expertise, we help teams build robots that are competitive and capable of completing complex missions on the competition field.

Technical Support Sessions

We also offer programming review sessions to help teams improve their programming skills. These sessions cover topics such as coding best practices, autonomous programming, and troubleshooting. We provide guidance on how to write (and document) efficient and effective code that can help teams maximize the performance of their robots during competitions.

Providing Physical Resources

One of the most valuable resources that we offer is our collection of old Legos. Many FLL teams struggle to acquire the necessary Lego pieces to build their robots and prototypes. By sharing our old Legos, we help alleviate this challenge and ensure that more teams have access to the materials they need to succeed.

We have a collection of LEGO® pieces valued at over $5,000, accumulated over our years of participation in FLL

Judging Criteria and Feedback

As former FLL participants, we are familiar with the judging criteria and expectations of the competition. We offer valuable feedback to other teams on their robot design, programming, and innovative project.

Robot Design Feedback

We provide feedback on robot design, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. We help teams identify ways to enhance the performance, efficiency, and reliability of their robots. Our feedback can help teams refine their designs and optimize their robots for competition.

Innovative Project Feedback

We also offer feedback on the innovative project, focusing on creativity, feasibility, and impact. We help teams identify ways to strengthen their projects and make them more compelling to judges. Our feedback can help teams refine their ideas, improve their presentations, and increase their chances of success in the innovative project category.

TEAM X Outreach & Community Involvement

We engage with the FLL community to promote the program and encourage more students to participate. We attend FLL events, volunteer as judges or referees, and share our experiences with other teams. By being active members of the FLL community, we help inspire the next generation of robotics enthusiasts.

From sharing resources to providing mentorship to organizing workshops, we help FLL teams improve their skills, build better robots, and develop more innovative projects. By leveraging our experience and expertise, we make a positive impact on the FLL community and help inspire future generations of robotics engineers and innovators.

Interested in mentorship from TEAM X? Contact Us

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Rajeev Gupta
Rajeev Gupta
20. Mai

Proud of our team, TEAM X, for supporting new and existing FLL teams! Your dedication to mentoring and providing resources is truly inspiring. Keep up the fantastic work empowering young innovators in STEM!

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