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Day 5 of Drone Coding Camp

The big day had come! At the start of the day, we went to our respective color groups and listened to our instructor tell us the rules of the competition. We went to the first challenge, the Red challenge. We were allowed one test run and then we had 2 real runs. We started off with the test run which did not go well due to the drone drifting. But the 2 real runs went really well. We managed to get a couple points from the cube and the tunnel. 

Next we went to the Green challenge, which was said to be the easiest challenge. We were tasked to code the drone to fly through all 3 cubes. The Trial run went well where we got through 2 cubes but the 2 real runs would decide our fate. We set the drone up on the mission pad and hoped the code would work the intended way. It worked! The drone went through 2 of the cubes but then crashed. We were so happy because we got almost all the points.

Next we had the Blue challenge, which was the hardest challenge. We had to go through a tunnel and come back to the mission pad. The Trial run was not promising because the Drone drifted all the way to the side. Then we had the 2 real runs. The first run didn't go well either because of the drift. But the second one was good. We successfully passed through the tunnel but weren't able to come back home. We would still get a point for passing through the tunnel.

We had our lunch break and then after that our parents started to pour into the lecture hall. They were excited to see what we learned through the presentations that we had been working on for the past 2 days. We spent the next hour cycling through the presenters and then lastly we had the award ceremony. I actually won an award for being the best in initiative and self management which was pretty cool and unexpected for me.


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