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Python Game Series: Snake

Updated: Jun 2

Snake is one of the most iconic and nostalgic games from the early days of mobile gaming. Originally appearing on Nokia phones, it has since become a beloved classic that many aspiring programmers recreate as a learning exercise. Today, we'll walk through building a simple yet visually appealing version of the Snake game using Python and the Pygame library.

The player controls a snake to eat food, growing in length with each meal and avoiding collisions with walls or itself. This game is good for practicing with loops and collision detection.


Pygame is a set of Python modules designed for writing video games. It includes computer graphics and sound libraries, making it a perfect tool for creating 2D games. If you haven't installed Pygame yet, you can do so using pip:

pip install pygame

Get the code

We start by initializing Pygame and setting up our game window dimensions and colors. This is followed by defining our fonts for displaying text.

The gameLoop function contains the main logic of the game. It initializes the snake's starting position, handles movement, and checks for collisions with the boundaries or itself.

We handle keyboard events for controlling the snake and closing the game. If the snake collides with the boundaries or itself, the game enters a game-over state, displaying a message and giving the player the option to quit or play again.

Here the the game preview


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