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What do you see? Inspire a more inclusive and open-minded team culture

Updated: Apr 15

'What Do You See?' This game is all about exploring the power of perception and perspective.

Imagine looking at a picture or a painting. What do you see? Is it just colors and shapes, or is there a story waiting to be uncovered? In this game, each team member gets a chance to share their unique interpretation of the image.

The excitement lies in discovering how differently we all see the world around us. One person might see a simple landscape, while another sees a hidden message or a deeper meaning. It's a fascinating journey into the minds of the teammates and a chance to appreciate the diversity of thoughts and ideas within the team.

Last time we played, we asked all team members to observe the painting "Dogs Playing Poker" by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge:

Dogs playing poker

This iconic painting has been a source of fascination and amusement for art enthusiasts and casual observers alike. Depicting a scene where dogs are engaged in a game of poker, the painting has sparked curiosity about the dogs' behavior and the story behind the scene.

What can we learn from this whimsical painting? At its core, "Dogs Playing Poker" is a reminder of the universal appeal of storytelling and the power of imagination. Despite being a painting of dogs, the scene resonates with viewers because it taps into themes of competition, camaraderie, and the allure of games of chance.

Team members had interesting observations:

"Dogs playing cards and smoking, also one dog is hiding a card. Also, they are drinking something and there is a painting behind the dogs, and a grandfather clock." - Kashyap
"7 dogs sitting around the table playing cards. They’re very quiet, looking at their cards and focused on trying to win the game. The clock says its around 2:00. There are 5 big dogs and small dogs. 3 of them are the same breed" - Yashvir
"Precisely 7 dogs and one of them being a pug smoking and passing a 1 of clubs to another dog with a ton of cards that is showing his cards unlike the rest of them who are holding them like fans and peaking. I also see another dog smoking and an old time clock which lets me infer that this is an old image. I also see a painting on the wall as well as a fancy chandelier light. They’re also drinking what seems to be beer and another drink. The clock either shows 1:10 or 2:05 from what I see and this image is taking place in the past so this is a 1900s painting that takes place at 1:10 with 7 dogs either smoking or drinking and playing poker." - Ronav
"Dogs playing poker, a picture in the background of a ship. A lamp. Its about 1:50. 7 other  dogs. 20 chips in the middle of the table, they are all drinking and smoking. Each dog is staring at one of the other dogs. Purple wall in the back. 4/7 of the dogs are brown. 1/7 are gray, and 2/7 are black" - Samar

Kashyap noted that one dog is hiding a card, suggesting a playful element of deception among the players. Meanwhile, Yashvir's observation of the dogs' focused demeanor and the presence of both big and small dogs at the table hint at the intensity and inclusivity of the game.

Ronav's observation of dogs cheating and behaving like humans adds a humorous and relatable dimension to the scene, as the dogs seem to be mimicking human behaviors in a comical yet believable way.

Samar's detailed account, including the presence of a ship painting, a grandfather clock, and the distribution of colors among the dogs, paints a vivid picture of the setting and the characters involved.

The painting challenges our perceptions of art and humor, demonstrating that art can be both aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking, even when it features subjects as unconventional as dogs playing poker.

Dogs Playing Poker is more than just a painting—it's a testament to the timeless appeal of storytelling and the boundless creativity of the human imagination.

Next time you looking for a team-building activity, play "What do you see?" It's a fun and enlightening experience that will leave you seeing the world in a whole new light.

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