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FLL SUBMERGED℠ Field Breakdown

Here is our prediction of what the missions for the FLL Challenge year 2024-25 may look like based on the video released by FIRST

FLL Challenge

The Mission Models on the field for the upcoming season of FLL Challenge SUBMERGED℠ seem to be more spaced out, offering more maneuvering for robots. However, the absence of guiding lines introduces an additional layer of challenge, necessitating precise navigation.

This season uses yellow color of LEGO piece to indicate interact-able parts of the models. The models also include the rigid loop LEGO piece for easier pickup and delivery of game pieces.

FLL SUBMERGED℠ - Game Missions

Starting from the left red launch area and moving clockwise around the field.


Missions 01-03: Coral Reef Mission

The first model appears to represent a coral reef with challenges involving moving a scuba diver, uprighting corals, and lifting a coral column.

Coral Reef Mission

Three-part challenge involving a scuba diver mini figure, uprighting corals on a beam, and lifting a coral column into a vertical position.

Mission 04: Shark or Marine Rescue Mission

Pushing a yellow lever to raise the back of a platform, allowing a shark to slide down into a home area.

Shark or Marine Rescue Mission

Mission 05: Ocean Cleanup Mission

Pulling up a yellow plate to tilt a gray plate with different colored items, representing the collection of trash.

Ocean Cleanup Mission

Mission 06: Anchor Mission

Collecting a looped game piece representing an anchor on a chain and transporting it elsewhere on the field.

Anchor Mission

Mission 07: Coopertition Mission

Lifting a yellow activation bar to propel a submerged vessel with a passenger along an extensive axle. Points are likely awarded to the team that successfully raises the bar and transports the vessel first. This mission is likely to be the final challenge for the teams.

Mission 08: Sonar Mission

Moving a yellow lever to flip up dark green beams in the middle, resembling a sonar.

Mission 09: Orca Whale Mission:

Tilting the head of the whale, which spills out krill or shrimp from its mouth that may need to be collected.

Mission 10: Seaweed Mission

Pulling out a looped game piece representing a plastic bag entangled in seaweed and delivering it to a collection point.

Seaweed Mission:

Mission 11: Sailboat Mission

Collapsing or raising a sailboat on a wave, possibly representing high and low tides.

Mission 12: Ship Docking Mission

Moving a ship from one dock to another and potentially loading it with game pieces or items.

Mission 13: Crab Cage Mission

Configuring four interconnected crab cages in different ways for varying points.

Crab Cage Mission

Mission 14: Shipwreck Mission

Raising the main mast and crows nest of a shipwreck, releasing an angler fish, and possibly moving game pieces to a target area.

Shipwreck Mission

Mission 15: Octopus Mission

Pushing a yellow bar to release an octopus, which then needs to be moved to a target area.

Krill or Shrimp Game Pieces

Five game pieces placed on the field, likely needing to be collected and delivered to specific locations.

Coral Obstacles

Three small coral game pieces placed as obstacles on the field, requiring robots to navigate around them.

Seafloor Sampling Mission

Delivering a multi-year used for seafloor sampling to a target circle located in the coral reef.

The new season's missions seem exciting, with various challenges and opportunities for creative problem-solving.

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